Art: What Do We See?

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Art: What Do We See?

Post by HelpingLegend on Thu Aug 25, 2011 11:04 am

So I aspire to be a sort of graphic designer when I'm older, or at least to have it as a side job alongside a main job. Perhaps the main job may be something in Geography and I could reflect the Earth and why we shouldn't pollute it and so on in my art?

The type of art I have to admit I love is Photoshop Digital Art; you can undo mistakes easily, nothing stains, you can be neat even if your handwriting isn't, the whole image can be modified, made transparent and so on. The best professional artwork is often only avaliable in magazines without a watermark, and thus when I went to buy a Photoshop magazine (took 2 hours to read, but was expensive at £15) it showed me the best the art world has to offer.
Heck, someone the age of 13 was a Professional with his own company!

Then I realised: Yeah. This is what I want to do. Create beauty through digital mediums for wide distribution with a massive awareness-raising potential.


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