Marketplace Guidelines

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Marketplace Guidelines

Post by HelpingLegend on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:38 pm

Welcome to the Marketplace of Forum Helpers! Here, you can buy and sell things like:
- Advertising Methods / Space
- Facebook Likes
- Twitter Follows
- Domain Names
- And more!

If you wish to sell graphics, please do these in the Graphic Shop section.

Please make sure what you are selling is legal: meaning, no bootleg DVD's or anything like that.
Also, please do not give out personal information or exchange real-life money in the Marketplace. There may be unscrupulous people out there, even if you aren't one of them!

You can however, exchange the "Money" on this forum you get through posting. The exchange should then be posted in the Money Transferrals Thread (Click Here) so we can transfer over the money.

Thanks, and enjoy!


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